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Standard Precision
Round Apertures

Standard Pin Hole Apertures

Substrate Specifications

Finish: Unblackened (see options below)

Material: 300 series stainless steel (except for HS option)

Diameter: 3/8 inch (0.3753 inch max.), 9.53mm


Positional Tolerance: ø.006 inch (0.152mm)

Thickness: 0.0005 inch (12.7µm) on holes 5µm and up.
NOTE: Holes 0.5µm to 3.0µm include the HS option with a 2µm to 5µm thin Ni at the hole region.

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Standard Round Apertures

(3µm and smaller come with HS)

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Aperture Quality Standards

Roundness: Max, Major axis - Minor axis

  • ‹0.5µm on holes under 20µm
  • ‹1.0µm on holes 20-50µm
  • ‹2.0µm on holes 51-300µm
  • ‹3.0µm on holes 301µm and up


Edge Finish:Optical research quality

  • ‹20µ-inch, on holes 5µm to 30µm
  • ‹40µ-inch on holes 31µm to 100µm
  • ‹60µ-inch on holes 101µm to 200µm
  • ‹80µ-inch on holes 201 to 300µm
  • ‹120µ-inch on holes 301µm and up
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Aperture Mounts

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25mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=24.95mm
  • T=2.54mm
  • ID=7.3mm
  • L= 0.63mm


18mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=17.95mm
  • T=2.54mm
  • ID=7.3mm
  • L= 0.63mm


16mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=15.95mm
  • T=1.8mm
  • ID=4.0mm
  • L= 0.46mm


1.0 inch diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=0.998in.
  • T=0.100in.
  • ID=0.290in.
  • L= 0.025in.


0.5 inch diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=0.498in.
  • T=0.055in.
  • ID=0.290in.
  • L= 0.018in.