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Aperture Mounts

Aperture Mounts

*All mounts come with the split end retaining ring



25mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=24.95mm
  • T=2.54mm
  • ID=7.3mm
  • L= 0.63mm



18mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=17.95mm
  • T=2.54mm
  • ID=7.3mm
  • L= 0.63mm



16mm diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=15.95mm
  • T=1.8mm
  • ID=4.0mm
  • L= 0.46mm



1.0 inch diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=0.998in.
  • T=0.100in.
  • ID=0.290in.
  • L= 0.025in.



0.5 inch diameter blackened aluminum mount

  • D=0.498in.
  • T=0.055in.
  • ID=0.290in.
  • L= 0.018in.

Precision Apertures

National Aperture, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of precision micro-apertures, pinholes, slits, bar patterns and custom configurations. Our specialty is micro-miniature pinholes and slits.

Standard pinholes range in size from 2.0µm to 1000 µm with custom sizes available. Standard slits range in size from 2.5µm to 200µm with custom sizes available.

High Power pinholes and slits are available as standard items.

Mounts can be purchased as an option when ordering standard and high power slits and pinholes.

All aperture edges are carefully fabricated employing proprietary computerized micro drilling, micro-slitting and micro-finishing techniques. All finished components are rigidly quality controlled before shipping. Standards are traceable to NIST.

The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice. Critical dimensions or specifications should be verified with our technical support staff.

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